What Eggs Have I Found?

Whether you’re looking into pools in the springtime or walking on the strandline after the winter storms, you’re likely to come across the eggs of different sea creatures.

This gallery shows some of the eggs I often find here in Cornwall. Always leave any live eggs where you found them so that they are able to hatch out safely. If you would like to tell me about your finds, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Searching for eggs on the shore and identifying shark and skate eggcases are just two of the activities in Beach Explorer: 50 Things to See and Discover, available now from all book shops and online retailers.

  • Clingfish eggs - with one newly-hatched fish (centre)
  • Scorpion fish eggs with eyes looking out. The puckered surface of these eggs makes them look a bit like golf balls.
  • A Calma gobioophaga sea slug feeding on goby eggs. Goby eggs are a pointy lozenge shape.
  • A male worm pipefish with eggs
  • The eggs of the sea hare (Aplysia punctata) look like pink silly string.
  • A coil of sea slug spawn from the 'sheep slug' aka 'Grey slug' (Aeolidia papillosa)
  • Netted dog whelk egg capsules
  • A colony of dog whelks with their yellow egg capsules
  • Green shore crab with eggs - Christmas eve 2018 in Looe
  • The Xantho pilipes crab holds her huge clutch of eggs in place with special feathery grips on her tail.
  • We found lots of egg cases on our last hunt - mostly from spotted rays
  • Flat periwinkle eggs.

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