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Read on to find out where and how to rock pool, what you might find, my latest tips and discoveries and groups to join if you want to learn more.

My Cornish Rock Pools blog is the winner of the 2017 BBC Wildlife Magazine Blog of the Year Award!

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There’s something about rock pooling. It’s a window on the underwater world. It’s the freedom of wandering between the blue sky and sparkling sea, never knowing what you will find. It’s a joy every child should experience, and that every adult should rediscover.

Heather Buttivant – Creator of Cornish Rock Pools

A spiny starfish
A spiny starfish

Found in the rock pools this week…

You may be missing the beach at the moment or wondering what to look out for this season, so check out my blog to be transported to the Cornish rock pools.

This week, Junior and I met with Ben from the Rock Pool Project and found this amazing little athecate hydroid medusa swimming among the seaweed! Find out more about our ‘rocket jelly’ here.

Cladonema radiatum, a medusa related to jellyfish and anemones, found near Looe.

As always, if you are visiting a beach this summer please take care not to disturb wildlife check you haven’t left any litter behind.

I’m delighted that Cornish Rock Pools has twice been named ‘Blogger of the Week’ in 2016 and 2017 by the BBC Wildlife Magazine and has also been named the winner of the 2017 BBC Wildlife Blog of the Year Award.

My first award was for my report on finding and photographing these gorgeous Scarlet and gold cup corals. Read more here.

Scarlet and gold cup coral in a Cornish rock pool
Scarlet and gold cup coral in a Cornish rock pool

Please do let me know if you find anything interesting or unusual. Happy rockpooling!

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