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If you are visiting a beach please take care not to disturb wildlife and check you haven’t left any litter behind.

There’s something about rock pooling. It’s a window on the underwater world. It’s the freedom of wandering between the blue sky and sparkling sea, never knowing what you will find. It’s a joy every child should experience, and that every adult should rediscover.

Heather Buttivant – Creator of Cornish Rock Pools


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Recent finds in the rock pools…

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Hermit crabs have to find a new empty sea snail shell every time they grow. Without a shell to hide in, the hermit crab’s soft curly tail is left exposed and vulnerable to attack from predators. When I spotted this hermit crab, it was clearly shell-less and in trouble. With Rock Pool Junior’s help, we soon found it a new shell and watched it move into its new home.

That soft curly tail fits perfectly inside a sea snail, holding the hermit crab’s home in place.


Cornish Rock Pools has twice been named ‘Blog of the Week’ by the BBC Wildlife Magazine and also won the 2017 BBC Wildlife Blog of the Year Award.

My first award was for my report on finding and photographing these gorgeous Scarlet and gold cup corals. Read more here.

Scarlet and gold cup coral in a Cornish rock pool
Scarlet and gold cup coral in a Cornish rock pool

Please do let me know if you find anything interesting or unusual. Happy rockpooling!

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