What will you find in the rock pools?

For Kids

The beach is full of weird and wonderful things to discover. It’s teeming with starfish, crabs and all kinds of bizarre critters.

If you’re reading this you probably already love rockpooling or are ready to give it a go. There is so much to see on any beach and these pages can help you have fun, stay safe and find amazing creatures.

My book, Beach Explorer, is full of activities. Discover the secrets of sand in this short video.

Beach Explorer is available from all book shops and online. Here’s my book launch video to explain what the book is all about…

Painted top shell

Rock pooling is easy if you follow my top tips.

Want to identify a sea creature? See if you can work it out with my guides to crabs, fish, starfish and seashells.

Ask an adult to help you contact me if you’d like to share your finds with me or ask a question.

Rockpooling is…

Fun: No two trips to the beach are the same

Educational: Get hands on with wildlife, science and geography as you explore

Healthy: Think of all that fresh air and exercise as you clamber over rocks and explore mysterious caves.

It’s also FREE. Now, that’s a killer argument if you’re trying to persuade an adult to take you to the beach. (They won’t remember that there’s an ice cream van until it’s too late).

Rock pooling with Wildlife Watch at Coverack, the Lizard
Rock pooling with Wildlife Watch at Coverack, the Lizard

Do you know who eats who on the beach? Discover more about the rock-pool food chain with the revolting rock pools page.

Crabs come in lots of different colours, like this patterned Xantho pilipes.

If you’re looking for exciting activities and projects that you can do at any beach, pick up a copy of my book, Beach Explorer: 50 Things to See and Discover from your local book shop or online.

You can also join a rockpooling event – see the links page for organisations like the Wildlife Trusts and local marine groups that run regular safaris on the shore.

There are pretty things too: Dahlia anemone underwater

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