What will you find in the rock pools?

For Kids

The beach is full of weird and wonderful things to discover. It’s teeming with starfish, crabs and all kinds of bizarre critters.

I don’t really need to tell you that do I?  If you’re reading this you probably already love rockpooling or are ready to give it a go.

Spiny starfish
A huge spiny starfish

Sometimes grown-ups are too busy having a cup of tea though and need a bit of persuading.

Here are three top arguments that will have you catching fish and finding hermit crabs in no time:

  1. It’s educational (OK, so you just want to find a monster crab and a deadly jellyfish, but they don’t have to know that). What better place to learn about science and geography?
  2. It’s healthy. Think of all that fresh air and exercise as you clamber over rocks and explore mysterious caves.
  3. It’s FREE. Now, that’s a killer argument for any adult. They won’t remember that there’s an ice cream van until it’s too late.
Extreme rockpooling on a stormy day
Extreme rockpooling – dragging the grown-ups out on a stormy day

If they’re still dragging their slippers, then say you are doing a science project: how about the rock-pool food chain? Have a look at the revolting rock pools page for ideas.

Large edible crab
You might find an even bigger crab than this!

Cornish Rock Pools is working on some proper projects for you – fun things you can do at any beach to find out more about marine wildlife. You can also join an rockpooling event – see the links page for organisations like the Wildlife Trusts and local marine groups that run regular safaris on the shore.

Strawberry anemone, Cornish Rock Pools
There are pretty things too: Strawberry anemone underwater

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