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When play is a political issue

Cornish rock pools junior says David Cameron is his arch-enemy. He says David Cameron doesn’t like nature and he just can’t understand it. Attributing everything to one person may not be right, but I can see where he’s coming from.

Like most kids his age, Cornish rock pools junior loves nothing better than running wild in the woods and clambering between rock pools. He’s a den-building, dam-making, butterfly-chasing, wave-splashing kind of child – is there any other kind? You could argue that his fierce love of nature is down to my influence, but I don’t think that’s the whole story. He’s very sure of his own mind.

In the last few years in our small coastal town we’ve lost our community bus, seen library opening hours slashed and lost access to some of the few public green spaces. Right now, diggers are tearing up the playground and park at the end of our road in order to build houses. Another application is being discussed to build on one of the two remaining public green spaces. Continue reading When play is a political issue